LM 30 Crew Training

MR Lake Macquarie's LM30 crew assisting a capsized runabout

Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue Ringed Octopus - BEWARE


Catalina "Black Cat" lands on Lake Macquarie"

Radio Base

Working at the Radio Base

Sunset Spray

Sunset through the spray


Rainbow over the Radio Base - well almost!


Myuna Bay - before political correctness went mad

The Office

View from our Office

Washing Machine

Moon Island washing machine

New Radio Equipment

What the Radio Base looks like after the equipment upgrade

MR Lake Macquarie - VMR 264

Welcome to the website of Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie, your local Volunteer Marine Rescue Organisation.

Our mission is to protect life on the water with dedication and professionalism

To do this we need funds, see below how you can help.

Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie has been chosen as a Local Donation Partner in the Lake Macquarie region from 27th August until 25th November 2018. This means that anyone who uses the Return and Earn machines at the locations listed below is able to donate their can and bottle refunds to MRLM simply by choosing the Donate to a Charity button.

Would you like to assist our unit by donating?
Visit any of the following sites.....
Belmont Golf Club - 801A Pacific Highway Belmont South 2280
Club Catalina Rathmines - 1 Stilling St 2283
Beds R Us Bennetts Green - 7 - 15 Groves Rd
Coles Jewellstown Plaza - Ntaba Rd 2280
Woolworths Swansea - 18 Josephson St
Woolworths Mt Hutton - 46 Wilsons Rd 2290
Thank you for your support!